We Will Recover & Come Back Stronger

Tuesday morning, September 13, 2022, our beloved Play Pits Headquarters was destroyed in a building fire. Our building neighbor had an explosion that unfortunately had detrimental effects on our facility, thankfully no one was hurt, however our headquarters is permanently condemned.

❤️ UnderArmie, your outpour of love and support has surpassed our expectations.

Many of you have asked "How can I help?" Usually many of us are too proud to accept or ask for help...well that won't be the case with Play Pits. I've endured and achieved many things in my life, but I didn't do it alone. It took family, friends, and community to build Play Pits and that's what will sustain Play Pits. Check out a few ways you can make an impact below. From me, my family and the entire Play Pits team, THANK YOU!

We have 3 ways YOU can make an impact today:


We appreciate your generosity in helping us recover through a financial gift.

**PLEASE NOTE: due to our business being a for-profit organization, your donation will not be tax deductible.



As a start-up and self- funded company, we have been committed to pursuing grants and funding solutions to scale. Thankfully, we are finalist for the $100,000 Kapitus Building Resilient Business Contest.

Please vote to help us win the contest and apply the funds towards rebuilding.



Please share our story with your network. We have so many great things in the pipeline for Play Pits. We won't allow this setback to stop us.  

Instagram has suppressed our posts so please head to @playpitsto like, share, and comment on today’s, and our last few posts to make sure you are in the loop of all updates and announcements.

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