Our Core Values

The heart of our mission is uplifting our youth with programs and experiences that encourage health education, academic advancement, and career readiness. Giving families the confidence to feel, play, and smell good while doing what they love, with whom they love.

Play Pits Youth Opportunities


The Play University curriculum teaches youth the importance of Hygiene Awareness, Ingredient Education (K-8 but great for all ages) OR Entrepreneurship, and Career Readiness (perfect for teens) in true Play Pits fashion - FUN!


The Play Program is a year-round fundraising program giving kids an opportunity to sell deodorant to raise money for school, club, and/or self. When customers purchase Play Pits products using their unique code, we will donate 20% of that purchase back to your organization. Additionally, the customer receives a 15% off discount when using the code.


Play Pits interns have an opportunity to shadow the team, learn entrepreneurship best practices, and participate in Play Pits activations. They receive mentorship and invaluable experiences from a CEO of the BIPOC community. Play University certificate is a prerequisite.

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