How long will it take my order to be processed? 

Play Pits is handmade. Processing time is currently 3-5 business days and your items will ship as soon it's ready. 

What ages can use Play Pits deodorant? 

Play Pits can be used at any age. It's a family product, kids, parents, grandparents. It's for all active kids (even if you are a kid at heart)! 

What is in Play Pits all-natural deodorant? 

We have researched every ingredient in our deodorant to ensure the best protection against odor with efforts to make this product as gentle as possible. 

Shea Butter, Fractionated Coconut Oil, Kaolin Clay, Candelilla Wax, Babassu Oil, Cornstarch, Baking Soda, Zinc Oxide, Grape Seed Oil, apple cider vinegar and essential oils for fragrance. 

How long will each tube last while using? 

Our product generally last between 1-3 months depending on how much you play. 

Will Play Pits protect me against sweat? 

Nope, but this is a great thing!

Antiperspirants contain aluminum which blocks your pores preventing the body's healthy process of sweating. Aluminum has also been linked to cancer, therefore antiperspirants are BAD and sweating is GOOD. 

Don't sweat it, Play Pits does contain ingredients that help absorb sweat. 

What if I have an allergy? 

If you have an allergy or a reaction to the product discontinue use immediately and let us know at PlayKidsProducts@gmail.com, additional products are being developed to make sure we meet all our customers' needs.

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