Healthy Hygiene for Kids - Family Edition - Play Pits

Healthy Hygiene for Kids - Family Edition

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No one wants their kid to be the stinky kid at school, but teaching kids how to take responsibility for their own personal hygiene can be difficult, especially for busy working parents with multiple kids and are struggling to deal with:
  • Being embarrassed in public with stinky kids. 
  • Constantly “nagging” kids about their hygiene and dealing with attitude 
  • Having to be responsible for kids hygiene that they’re old enough to be doing themselves now…
  • Dental and medical bills from preventable problems - rashes/boils, cavities, ear infections…. 

As a busy working mom myself, I struggled with my own kids  not taking responsibility for their own hygiene and having to be responsible for remembering for them - putting on deodorant to not smell, brushing teeth, clipping nails, and on and on - it was exhausting and I didn’t have time for it or the stress and aggravation of dealing with the attitudes! 

To fix this, I developed a set of routines to help my kids start to build that habits they needed to develop their own healthy routines to take care of their hygiene, and simplified it into this program. 

This program is built to help busy working parents teach their kids healthy hygiene habits without constantly nagging them or constantly stepping in to it for them, so they can be the parents whose kids have it all together and are neat, clean, and well groomed all the time.

Just imagine going:
  • from smelly kids at church, to kids who bathe themselves regularly… without being told!
  • from nagging kids constantly to take care of their hygiene, to kids who are happily doing it themselves… without being told! 
  • from getting scratched by long fingernails, to kids who trim their fingernails, clean their ears, and wash their hands regularly… without being told.
  • from high dental bills and multiple cavities, to kids who brush and floss regularly… without being told!