Why Does One Armpit Always Smell Worse Than the Other

Why Does One Armpit Always Smell Worse Than the Other

Why Does One Armpit Always Smell Worse Than the Other?

Ever notice one of your underarms has a more potent smell than the other?

We sure have! In this article we’re going to finally get down to it and uncover this body mystery. Now if anyone ever asks you if you’ve noticed one armpit has a stronger smell than the other, you can finally explain to them why! 

Are You a Lefty or a Righty?

One reason why one armpit may smell more than the other is because we don’t use our arms in equal measure. If you’re a righty, then you’re probably using your right arm more, especially when it comes to more strenuous activities. Putting more strain and activity on one side can cause you to sweat more on one side, leading to a higher buildup of that stinky bacteria that makes us smell so…. unique. 

Which Side Do You Sleep On?

If you’re not sleeping on your back or belly, but have that preferred side, then you may notice that side having a stronger smell in the morning than your other armpit. All it takes is a quick rinse with a Detox Soap bar, and maybe even a little added baking soda, to really get a deep scrub and a fresh start. Follow up with your King or Queen deodorant for the best day yet. 

You Could Have more Bacteria Growth on One Side 

As much as we’d love to believe our bodies are perfectly symmetrical, the truth is, they are not. Most of us have one foot bigger than the other, our noses are not perfectly symmetrical and so on. Another way in which we may find this asymmetry is how much bacteria develops on one side versus the other. You may just have one armpit that’s more prone to bacterial growth than the other, even if it’s not your dominant side. 

Hairier On One Side Than the Other?

And finally, you may notice one armpit has more hair than the other. Armpit hair tends to trap moisture around your underarm, making it the perfect environment for bacteria to grow. You may notice your hairier armpit also happens to be your stinkier one. No problem there! Just make sure to really get a nice deep clean scrub before applying your favorite Play Pits Natural deodorant under there. 

And now if any of your children notice one of their armpits are stinkier than the other, you can finally explain to them why that is! Don’t forget you can find all of our deodorants on the shelves of Target, or you can simply order your child’s favorite natural deodorant directly from our website!

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