Outdoor Spring Activities for the Entire Family

Outdoor Spring Activities for the Entire Family

Outdoor Spring Activities for the Entire Family

Temperatures are finally rising and it’s time to move those family activities to the outdoors. 

The sun is shining and the air is fresh. This season is one of our favorite seasons to get the whole family outside for a lot of fresh air and all that vitamin D. In this article we’ll have a look at some of our favorite activities the whole family can enjoy. 

Fly a Kite

You can either make your own kite at home on a rainy spring day and go fly that kite on a sunny day. Or, you can pick up a kite and let your little one’s choose their favorite pattern. You’ll surprise yourself at how much fun it is to fly a kite, and we’re sure they’ll love it too. This one is really for all ages. 

Make a Picnic in the Park

Who doesn’t love activities that involve eating with the family? Plan for a picnic outdoors in a nearby park, or pick a park the family has never visited before. Make it an adventure! Pack some of your favorite healthy dishes and don’t forget to make something healthy and sweet that everyone can enjoy! 

PS You can bring your kite to the picnic too! 

Miniature Golf / Batting Cages 

Is there a miniature golf or batting cage nearby? It might just be time to take the kids out to some family activities that involve a bit of movement. These activities aren’t too exerting, but they do involve spending some hours outdoors together. Hopefully there’s a park nearby where the kids can run around and release some of that energy as they get their heart rates up. Who knows? Maybe you’ll even join in on the running and jumping activities? The sun does have that ability to bring out the best of us. 

Go for a Nature Walk

Not all family activities have to involve spending money. One of our favorite family activities is getting out and going for a walk. This can be around a body of water that’s nearby your home, in a national park or a local park. The more dynamic the scenery, the more likely the kids will enjoy the sport. Plus, the earlier we get our children into outdoor activities like walking and hiking, the more likely they are to enjoy it! 

Plant Flowers and Vegetables 

While all the activities we mentioned above are great bonding opportunities, there’s nothing like bonding with your children over a garden. On a rainy day you can go out with your children to pick up some flowers or seeds to plant and then plant your beautiful garden on the next sunny day. Gardening has more benefits than meets the eye. For instance, it can help reduce stress and can build one’s self esteem.  

Go for  Bike Ride or Rollerblading 

And finally, Spring is the season to get that bicycle out, oil up the chain and go for a ride. We love this as a family activity, and we know you absolutely want your kids getting some good use out of their bikes and rollerblades. These are activities you can do as a family, or you can walk while your kids bike ride and roller blade. Just make sure you bring along your children’s favorite Play Pits Deodorant, and don’t forget your Queen and King too!

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