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Natural Remedies for Eczema

Natural Remedies for Eczema

Natural Remedies for Eczema 

Dealing with an uncomfortable case of eczema? 

Eczema is one of those skin conditions that millions of people suffer from, yet science has not quite nailed what causes it and how to relieve it. That’s why so many of us have turned to mamma earth and her natural remedies. NMany of us can be experiencing eczema flares. For this reason, in this article we’re going to have a look at some natural remedies that can soothe if not heal that eczema. This one will cover natural remedies for eczema around your feet, your children’s feet, hands and any other place eczema might show up. 

Manuka Honey

Manuka honey contains powerful antimicrobial elements that can help soothe and relieve eczema. Mix equal parts manuka honey with olive oil or coconut oil and relieve that itch. This natural remedy will also help prevent itchiness down the line. You can also consume more raw organic honey to increase the antimicrobial and antiinflammatory benefits of honey. Manuka honey is the cream of the crop, but all raw organic honey can do the trick. 


Soaking your feet in an oat bath, or any body part that is experiencing eczema will help relieve and soothe that eczema itch. It will actively hydrate the skin and can be applied in multiple ways. You can add the oats to your bath, you can add it to a cheesecloth bundle in the bath, or you can soak oats in water, strain the water and apply that water with a cloth onto the irritated area. Repeat twice daily. 


Turmeric might just be the king of herbs, especially when it comes to skin care. Turmeric’s antiinflammatory powers can relieve itchiness, swelling and that redness that comes along with eczema. Make a turmeric paste, consume it in a capsule or add turmeric to your teas and soups to experience its healing benefits. 


What we eat directly impacts our skin. If eczema is something you’ve been struggling with for some time, increase omega-3s and vitamin e into your diet. This would include ingredients like avocado, flax seed, hemp seed and chia seeds. 

Vitamin E eliminates and protects your skin against free radicals, whereas omega-3 will reduce inflammation in the body, which in effect, can relieve itchiness and swelling related to eczema. There are several eczema diets out there, which we highly encourage anyone with eczema to try. 

Play Pits to The Rescue

If you’re already treating your armpits to the fresh scent of Play Pits, then don’t forget you can also apply your favorite scents as a natural remedy for your eczema. Play Pits deodorant has nourishing ingredients like coconut oil, shea butter lavender oil, candelilla wax, vitamin e, and apple cider vinegar, all ingredients that help keep that eczema flair at bay and out of your day. It’s also an easy solution to carry around with you to school or work for quick relief while you or your kids are out and about. We didn’t name our lavender scented deodorant HAPPY for nothing! 

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