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Gurl, While many of us are at home homeschooling, Zoom calls and prepping dinner. In the back of our minds, we are trying to figure out how we could do something for ourselves. I got us...(because is exactly how I was feeling) I found us 4 Tips every week of May to help encourage you to still care about yourself.

This weekend I want you to finally learn how to:


I talked to women all the time that feel a little embarrassed about their pits. I must admit, I feel a little self-conscience about mine. I have tested so many deodorants,  countless self-formulated deodorant, and our competitive deo over the last 3 years that has resolved in dark underarms. This week I am trying one of these home remedies to lighten your armpits. 

  1. Slice potatoes 
  2. Cucumber/Turmeric Paste 
  3. Turmeric/Chickpea Flour/Lemon Mask 

I love Youtube videos to help educate and research. Check out this video. Click Here. I thought @BeautilfulBrwnBabyDol did an excellent job explaining the different remedies and the benefits of their ingredients. ( I am such a dork for healing properties in plant-based ingredients). See this article for more information. 

This week I’m going to try step 3...and let you know the results next Monday. Will you join me? Email me or let chat about it on IG, Send me a DM if you will be joining me 

Keep in mind, I can’t promise Queen will lighten you pits BUT I know for sure Queen will keep your PITS glorious, moisturized, non-toxic, and funk- free. Treat yourself and stick up in your favorite deodorant for your or your mommy-bestie for Mother's Day. 

Stay Funk-Free, 

Chantel 💜

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ASh on

Waxing vs shaving. I have been waxing my underarm for 5+ years and they’re not longer dark!! Try it.

Shantel Smalls Truluck on

I was waiting a couple of weeks to write my review! I must admit I’m in absolutely in awe and love💕 ! I originally was looking for a all natural deodorant for my 6 y/o and stumbled across this product. After browsing the site found that they have natural products for us Queens and Kings! I ordered 2 for my 6y/o and 1 for me. Let me tell you I think I’m in love with sunshine my daughter loves the Suga scent! This product really works for both of us!

Karonda Suttles on

i no longer have dark armpits once i started using queen, so its doin something

Karonda Suttles on

i no longer have dark armpits once i started using queen, so its doin something

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