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Let’s Talk: Under-Boob Sweat

Let’s Talk: Under-Boob Sweat

This is a real thing for so many of us, so let’s talk about it and how we can naturally deal with it. 

Sweat is an amazing physical process our body uses to regulate body temperature. It’s a part of what keeps us alive in some ways. Otherwise we might just heat up internally and fry some essential organs. When it comes to boob sweat, there’s a fair amount of discomfort, itch and sometimes a rash that could partner up with such a physiological process. Let’s talk about how to manage that under-boob sweat. 

Why Do We Sweat Under Our Boobs?

It’s perfectly normal to sweat under your boobs. When skin touches skin it prevents that heat and moisture from evaporating, hence boob sweat. This accumulated moisture could result in itchiness or a rash when not taken care of in the right ways. The wrong bra and friction can also cause under-boob sweat. That’s a factor to consider. 

Should I use Deodorant Under My Boobs?

If you’re using natural deodorant like Play Pit’s Queen, we’d say you sure can and should! However, if you’re using chemical deodorants, especially ones with aluminum and the likes, we strongly recommend you avoid using those products anywhere near your breasts. Keeping it natural, is keeping it safe in our books, and it also happens to be the best way to go. 

How to Limit or Prevent Sweat Under Your Breasts

Here’s a list of ways you can avoid under-boob sweat.

  1. Use Play Pits - Play Pits deodorant should in no way be limited to your underarms. This bar of goodness is safe to use all over your body from your feet up to your underarms. By using Play Pits before you work out, you can help prevent under-boob sweat with its ingredients like baking soda and kaolin clay.
  2. Avoid Synthetic Materials - Polyester and rayon trap the moisture and won’t let your skin breathe. Look for bras made from breathable materials like lace or cotton for your workout routine, dance routine or your daily lifestyle.
  3. Avoid Tight Bras - tight bras will cause more skin-and-skin contact under your boobs, increasing your chances of under-boob sweat. Try going for looser-fitting bras, ones you feel you can breathe in. 
  4. Towel dry - this one might be obvious, but not always implemented. Carry around a towel when you know you’re going to be in situations where under-boob sweat becomes a real thing. Dry up before your boobs start to chafe and cause a rash. 
  5. Witch Hazel - if you’re prone to rashing and burning, we’d suggest a gentle application of witch hazel to that towel. This way you can dry and clean up that area, preventing bacteria from accumulating there. 

What tricks do you use to help manage your underboob sweat? 

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