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Love Your Natural Scent

Love Your Natural Scent

Learning to Love Your Natural Scent

Is it normal to like your natural scent? Well, we’re not exactly sure what ‘normal’ is, but we do love loving our natural smell. 

It may be hard to detect your natural scent, but we all have a unique scent, like we all have unique faces and bodies. Some of the people we love most might even be attracted to us because of the way we smell (consciously or subconsciously). There are many people who especially love their girlfriend or boyfriend’s natural (yes, even sweaty) smell. So, how do you learn to love your natural smell and what does it mean if you love your natural smell? 

Let’s find out!

Your Smell Attracts 

Believe it or not your smell, your natural smell, plays an important role in attracting the, let’s say… right partner. 

Our sense of smell helps us learn valuable information about our surrounding environment. 

In some cases it will help us detect a fire, and in other cases, it will help us choose the right partner. Our apocrine glands, which are tucked away in our underarms, are sending all sorts of unknown messages to people in our surrounding environment, just like our facial expressions and body language do. Consider your smell as an intuitive filter, attracting the instinct of those around you, and sending away those who aren’t right for you. That’s almost like having a super-power, but it’s not super, it’s actually totally human. 

What’s a bad smell?

In reality, there’s truly no such thing as a ‘bad’ smell. There are simply just smells we like and smells we don’t like. Smells we’ve been told to like and smells we’ve been socially ‘taught’ to dislike. If body odor is (in most cases) just a scent we’ve been conditioned to cover up and hide, then we can also learn to embrace our natural smell without feeling ashamed, and instead, maybe even feel proud and attracted to our own smell. 

You can love your smell and other smells too!

It’s great to love other smells too, like lavender, pine, lemon, or ginger. But what we’d just like to celebrate for a moment is the beauty of our body’s natural smell. Not to feel more shame over our bodies, and not to teach our children to be ashamed of their smells or their bodies either. Then we can choose to pamper up with other smells we love, not because we want to smother and hide our natural smell, but because we love certain scents and feel good when we smell like those scents. We enjoy those scents, and maybe we can even keep our armpit smell as our own intimate secret? It’s all a matter of how we perceive these things and how we approach these topics and experiences. 

Us over here in the Playpits family designed our natural deodorant with our favorite scents for both children and adults alike - because as important as it is to love all aspects of yourself, we all know the feeling of wanting the security of smelling good at work, school, or when you’re just doing your thing. But we also wanted to take the moment to celebrate our bodies, our health, and loving that natural scent!

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