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Benefits of Ingredients in HAPPY

Benefits of Ingredients in HAPPY
Benefits of Ingredients in HAPPY

Benefits of Ingredients in HAPPY 

Looking for a natural deodorant that your child will love? Welcome to HAPPY.

Play Pits has been carefully curated to safely and pleasantly relieve body odor. Our natural deodorant can also be used to fight foot odor and can be used in a variety of other places, like behind the knees or your inner thighs to prevent chafing - because it’s just that soothing and just that natural! Let’s have a closer look at all, yes all, the ingredients in our HAPPY natural kids deodorant to understand the magic behind our delicious product. 

HAPPY is made up of the following ingredients:

  • Shea Butter
  • Coconut Oil
  • Kaolin Clay
  • Candelilla Wax
  • Cornstarch
  • Baking Soda
  • Zinc Oxide
  • Vitamin E Oil
  • Lavender Essential Oil
  • Apple Cider Vinegar

All the Benefits of Shea Butter

Shea butter has exceptionally softening and moisturizing properties for nearly all skin types, even those with sensitive skin. Shea butter can be used to alleviate dry skin on the face, lips, hands, heels and elbows. It is believed to boost collagen production and can be used to heal cuts and skin abrasions due to the presence of the palmitic and oleic acid found in shea butter in generous concentrations. It also contains vitamins A, E, and F, which helps keep the skin healthy, moisturized and youthful. 

All the Benefits of Coconut Oil

Wondering if coconut oil is good for dry skin? It’s actually a great natural solution! The high amounts of medium-chain fatty acids is what makes coconut oil so unique and delightful! It’s a fantastic natural emollient which significantly hydrates the skin. The antioxidants in coconut oil help prevent skin damage, whereas its anti-fungal and antibacterial properties make it a worthy resource for fighting yeast infections, odor-building bacteria, acne and skin allergies. 

All the Benefits of Kaolin Clay

Kaolin clay is most famous for its ability to absorb excess oil from just about anywhere on the skin. It clears away excess oil without removing necessary moisture that your skin needs to remain hydrated and soft. It’s a skin detoxifier, removing impurities, bacteria and dirt from deep within the pores. Because of its slightly grainy texture it also works as a gentle exfoliator, removing dead skin cells from the surface of the skin and underarms. 

Why are Candelilla Wax, Cornstarch, Baking Soda and Zinc Oxide in our Natural Deodorant?

  1. Candelilla wax: is similar to beeswax but it has a higher melting point, which means you won’t need very much of our natural deodorant when rolling it on. It also helps naturally thicken all the other ingredients so that your deodorant keeps its form over time. 
  2. Cornstarch: helps quickly absorb moisture so that you don’t sweat through your t-shirts while you’re out and about. It safely decreases sweat and odor from your underarms, or wherever you choose to apply our HAPPY deodorant!
  3. Baking soda: is one of the most common ingredients you’ll find in a natural deodorant. It helps neutralize odors by neutralizing the acid in sweat, it’s antibacterial and a pH neutralizer. It’s alkaline level will get at that sweat before it wreaks havoc under your arms, or shall we say reek havoc? 
  4. Zinc oxide: is a mineral that helps filter out harmful UV rays from the skin, which is why it’s commonly found in sunblock. It also helps eliminate odor causing bacteria from building and growing in our underarms. 

All the Benefits of Vitamin E Oil

When we think of healthy skincare solutions we always think of vitamin E. The antioxidants that give vitamin E it’s true beauty help fight off free radicals from the skin, moisturize dry skin, heal wounds, reduce the appearance of scars, can help alleviate eczema, psoriasis, and boost nail health. Vitamin E oil can safely be applied directly to the skin unlike many other essential oils which need carrier oils to effectively and safely work their magic on your skin. 

All the Benefits of Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender oil is hands down the most loved essential oil out there. It’s scent is soothing and relieves anxiety because of its anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, antiseptic, antidepressant and anti-microbial benefits. Lavender oil has been used to help grow thicker eyelashes and eyebrows, as a natural remedy for insomnia or poor sleep cycles, and can even alleviate menstrual cramps! Lavender oil can also improve memory, making it a great partner when studying for or taking exams! 

All the Benefits and uses of Apple Cider Vinegar

As the name implies, ACV is an extremely potent and powerful natural ingredient. It can be used in a face-wash recipe as a cleanser for removing oil, dirt and impurities from the face. It’s astringent benefits make it a great ingredient for toning skin, and to use for a natural spot treatment. It’s acetic acid helps clean acne and can prevent future breakouts from occurring. 

And that’s all folks!

We always recommend our regular customers to sign up for a subscription so that your order will be automatically processed every 30, 45, 60 or 90 days and you (or your child!) won’t have to worry about running out!

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